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Hello, I am Gabriela

I'm a Crafter

As the year 2018 was ending I was thinking about my New Year’s resolutions for 2019 and had a lot of things on my mind. One of those things was the desire to create something with my own hands, made entirely just by me. And with that in mind a few weeks into 2019, the beautiful art of Macramé stumbled upon my hands. 

I bought my first roll of cotton cord and started knotting. And there it was, my first piece of Macramé art! I gave this first piece as a birthday gift to a dear friend of mine, I was ecstatic, I was gifting her something I had made myself!

Thus, I discovered my purpose of creating art through Macramé.

With the help of my daughter I got into Instagram and opened the door to share my handmade creations with the world. Consequently, Cadence&Knots was born and little by little my desire to learn more and share this beautiful technique that has changed my life has been growing each day.

Making Macramé not only gives me the opportunity to do something with my hands but to create and believe in myself and to be able to turn those moments of anxiety into wonderful moments of peace and relaxation.

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